Happy Birthday to Us!

Illustration of a birthday cake saying "We turn 2 today!".

Happy Birthday to Us! 🎂 Over the last two years we aimed to redefine how individuals can give back to their community through skills based volunteering. In order to keep our services 100% free of charge to our partners, we built a team of highly skilled professionals as probono volunteers.

Enabling our team to keep their day job by meticulously managing their volunteer hours empowers our squad to maximize impact while eliminating burnout. The result is what one executive from the banking industry called, “the air fryer of nonprofits” a revolutionary model of highly skilled volunteering that produces professional grade output without needing to charge an arm and a leg to run the operation. No wages, no overheard, no waste.

We are so proud of how far we’ve come these last two years and strongly feel the best is yet to come. Enjoy some of our favorite photos over our last lap around the sun and please consider pitching in a few dollars to root for The Underdog so we can celebrate another birthday next year! 🥳