La Catrina Grill Joins The Underdog Family!

We are officially live with! Silvia Hernandez,  the owner of La Catrina Grill,  was born in Mexico City as the youngest of three children. She went on to study gastronomy in the city, encouraged by her mother who was a part of the industry herself. Cooking is a part of Silvia’s childhood and has always been her passion.

After she finished her studies, Silvia went on to work in Puerto Vallarta where she perfected making coastal cuisine infused with traditional Mexican recipes. She has not forgotten her roots in Mexico City, but wanted to learn about international hospitality in a world-renowned destination.

Silvia came to Denver looking for new horizons, always dreaming of opening her own business, and in 2016 La Catrina Grill was born. Her hope is to serve cuisine that infuses the flavors of Mexico City & Puerto Vallarta, creating something familiar, yet unique. She always offers dishes with a touch of Mexico in mind!
Silvia can be found at @lostcitydenver for breakfast Monday through Friday from 8AM-1130AM, with plans to add lunch offerings in June! She is also available for catering requests 7 days a week. If you’re looking for a recommendation, the empanadas made from scratch are some of the best you’ll have in Colorado ????, and we are absolutely in love with the fresh guacamole ????. Stop by and say hi to Silvia and her team today!