Hayati Mediterranean Launch

On July 22nd, HayatiMediterranean.comwent live as our very first client website! Visit the website to get your hands on some delicious gyros. 

About Hayati

Around 10 years ago, Ali and Mohammed traveled the world in search of delicious cuisine that brought people together. When they had their first meal in the Middle East they immediately knew that had found their calling. After working tirelessly on their craft for over five years, head chef Ali and his brother Mohammed opened up Hayati Mediterranean Grill in Denver on 29th & Downing in 2018.

The first time we met Ali he told us, “by the grace of God we were able to reopen after the initial shutdown caused by the pandemic.” We knew right there that this restaurant was exactly why we started this foundation – Locally owned by two incredible members of our community looking for a little boost.