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Chef DeVante Brown has been working in the food industry professionally since 2010, but his culinary roots go back even further. In the Browns’ home of Kansas City, Missouri, DeVante’s grandfather owns and operates Big Daddy & Sons BBQ, and as a kid DeVante picked up his grandfather’s knack for cooking. Coming out of high school, DeVante wasted no time commencing his culinary career, taking his first job in a kitchen at the Denver International Airport. From there, he became executive chef for late night food services at Denver University, then grill master at Parisi in downtown Denver. Having gained an abundance of experience with both cooking and the operational side of the food industry, DeVante decided to start his own catering business, which eventually evolved into Smoke in the City Denver and its companion food truck, The Hangover Cart.
Staff Pick: “Mac and cheese bites” – Chin
Crawfish boil
Strawberry dish