We're driven to support small businesses and communities in Denver.

Personal Branding

Your own personal brand website

Tell your unique story through a customized website. We build the hub of your personal and professional life. Countless uses, including showcasing your expertise, sharing your history, displaying contact information, enabling people to book a meeting, and more.

Personal Brand
Laptop showing a TUF personal brand website.

Community Events

Bringing locals and businesses together

We’re always working to unite our community and the diverse neighborhoods of Denver. Our varied events bring local community members together with local small businesses. Participants make great connections and businesses nurture potential life-long customers.

Community Events
TUF members at a hosted community event.

Small Business Workshops

A website for your small business

We organize workshops where TUF volunteers help small businesses to create their own website. Build your website, update your hours, add your products, and more. Most importantly, you’ll be empowered to update it so your information is always current.

Small Business Workshops
Participants on a break during a TUF small business workshop.