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Denver, Colorado, June 8th, 2020

Chin Weerappuli, a first-generation Sri Lankan-American immigrant, visited a local black-owned restaurant in Summer of 2020. At his arrival, the restaurant was closing despite being listed as open for another hour on Google. “Oh we haven’t been able to get those changed for months,” a staff member said. That moment inspired our mission & served as a call to action to help.

What started as a one-time project to provide technical assistance to one local business, has evolved into a relentless force of good in the Denver community. While we set out to create websites for businesses without a digital presence, The Underdog Family is continuously identifying new ways to support small businesses & our community as we’ve brought on new talent from various backgrounds & industries.

The definition of an Underdog is “a competitor thought to have the odds stacked against them.” Those competitors are who we fight for —  individuals or businesses disadvantaged systematically due to race, sexual identity, or socioeconomic status which have all been exasperated with the Pandemic. 

Chin and Ali Handshake

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Check out the full story in a letter from our Founder. 

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